Tips & Tricks for Improving Your TV Reception

Ever since the digital migration to all-digital-signals, the quality of stations that you receive has really improved. However, this also comes with the all or nothing nature of the digital signals. This is because with digital signals, you will either get a clear picture or no picture at all. The good news is that you can get many of your local networks when you use an TV or HDTV outdoor or even indoor antenna. If you are any miles away from the broadcast tower, a good option is to get yourself an outdoor antenna.

Though for people who are not allowed to put antennas on their roofs the only option may be to get an indoor antenna, they still work as good as the outdoor ones. Now that you have got your antenna, you will need a little tinkering to get the most channels. So what are some of the tricks to get the most channels with your indoor antenna?

Bad TV Reception

Bad TV Reception

Find out where the broadcast towers are

Even before you set out to buy your antenna, the first thing to do will be to identify where the broadcaster towers are located in your area. This will help you determine how powerful the antenna needs to be in order to pick up stations you want to watch. To locate TV signals in your area, you can use websites like or They will help you know the direction and distance of most of the towers and what strength antenna you will need.

Place it in or near a window

When you are looking for the right spot to place your antenna, ensure that it is free from obstructions. Thick walls, ceilings, and big trees are some of the major obstructions. Placing your antenna in or near a window is best since there are fewer obstructions between the broadcast towers and your antenna. However, when you place your antenna in a window, you will now have to look out for heat absorption from the sun as heat may bend or warp it over with time hindering reception.

Move it higher

The higher you place your antenna the better the reception will be. This is the reason why outdoor antennas tend to pick up a lot of channels. When placing your antenna, you should try to place it as high as possible. If you are usoing an outdoor antenna and have a skylight, you can move your mohu leaf to your skylight and it will be as almost as having an outdoor antenna.

Test different antenna placements

When you plug in your antenna, you will find it start picking up a lot of channels already. However, you still have to test a few different locations to find the one that gives you the best results. Whenever you place your antenna in a new spot, ensure that you run a channel scan on your TV to see the number of channels that are picking up.

Getting great reception doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. With high quality outdoor TV antennas, hdtv outdoor antennas, or even an indoor one together with these tips, you will get the best reception possible.