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  • The 2010 Aspen Environment Forum will gather energy experts, government and business leaders, writers and photographers, and other knowledgeable and committed voices to explore pressing energy and environmental issues.

    Designed to offer a realistic look at grave challenges and highlight bold solutions, the Forum will provide unique insights into the major environmental issues of our time.  By bringing informed dialogue to our campus, we hope to advance and challenge the thinking of those in our audience, and perhaps begin to build new levels of understanding that bridge cultural and political differences.

    To this end, the Forum serves as an opportunity for a truly extraordinary line-up of world-renowned thought leaders – convened from across diverse areas of expertise – to take part in a moderated conversation in a neutral setting. These experts will discuss and debate energy use, energy economics, natural resources and extraction, innovation and cutting-edge technologies, efficiency, conservation, climate change, food production, and more. 

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