Samsung Series 3 Chromebook Review

Samsung Series 3 Chromebook Review

Samsung Series 3 Chromebook

The Samsung Series 3 Chromebook is the latest Chromebook laptop design developed by Samsung. This Chromebook stands out because of its very affordable price, which at the moment stands at $233.69 on Amazon. Therefore, what are the specs of this model, and what are the pros and cons associated with it?

The Specs

• 11.6-inch Display
• Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor
• 16 GB Solid State Drive, 2 USB Ports
• 100GB of free Google Drive storage (for 2 years)
• 1.1 Kg weight
• Google Chrome OS

The Design and Build

At a first glance, the Chromebook Series 3 gives the impression that it is costed lower than it should be. This is because the Chromebook comes in a metallic silver finish, with a plain silver styling, which gives it a stylish and Mac look. It has a sleek tapering lines which are broken just at the hinges, and this tapering gives it a slim look. Most of the connectivity is located at the rear, hence the sides are kept neat.

The Chiclet keyboard – another wonder – is customized. It is the standard QWERTY keyboard, but a number of buttons have been tweaked, an example being the Caps Lock, F1, Delete and Windows or Apple keys, among others.


Standing out for this Chromebook is its Chrome OS. Chrome, in this case, is not just a browser, but the system with which the Series 3 operates. There are customized built-in apps and some added offline utilities. These apps include the Chrome Web Store, Google Calendar and Google+ among others, while the offline utilities that can be accessed by this device include Google Drive and Gmail. More apps can be accessed via the Chrome Web Store, and most of these apps are free.

When a USB flash drive or SD card is plugged in, the Chromebook accesses the contents via Chrome browser. Documents are opened using the in-browser document viewer, photos using Chrome’s light image editor while music and video files are opened using Chrome’s media player. This device is highly dependent on internet connectivity.

Pros and Cons

As previously mentioned, the first thing that will attract you to this device will be the affordability because, at the moment, it goes for less than $240 on Amazon. Apart from its price, this chromebook has a very good connectivity and the battery life is decent. The ARM processor gives the device a good performance while not messing with the battery life. The Chromebook is also very slim and stylish making the physical design very aesthetically appealing.

However, as expected, there are some cons. First is the fact that most of the connectivity is located at the rear, which makes it look a bit awkward. Also, this is a device that heavily depends on connectivity to the internet, and therefore while offline, this device is not at its optimum. Offline storage, at 16GB, is limited as most storage is expected to be done on Google Drive.

This is a very affordable laptop that will cater for all your online needs. However, if you need a PC that is programmed and efficient for more than just the internet, the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook is probably not your best pick.