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  • The 2010 Aspen Environment Forum  Bridges to Sustainability: People, Planet, Possibility in Aspen, Colorado, July 25–28, 2010 is  designed to provide a critical framework for committed voices to probe  the interconnectedness between the human and the natural world as part  of the race to find out how we can transition past the challenges  facing a sustainable future.  The Forum will present discussions on  topics including climate change, renewable energy policy, innovation  and technology, efficiency, conservation, and more with the goals of  raising awareness, stimulating new thinking, building understanding and  consensus, and inspiring commitment to action. 

    Designed to  offer a realistic look at grave challenges and highlight bold  solutions, the forum will provide unique insights into the major  environmental issues of our time.  By bringing informed dialogue to our campus, we hope to advance  and challenge the thinking of those in our audience, and perhaps begin  to build new levels of understanding that bridge cultural and political  differences.

    In the spirit of the Aspen Institute, our hope is to expand and enhance your views on key environmental issues and further your understanding of the magnitude and complexities of the challenges we face by means of an extraordinary rich exchange across a wide array of important environmental topics and ideas.

    The 2010 Aspen Environment Forum will present a variety of programming over a three-day crescendo, each day addressing energy and environmental issues from a different angle.

    Each day of the Forum will offer a wide range of programming:

    • Large plenary sessions offered at least two times a day, taking the form of panels, one-on-one interviews, and/or solo talks;
    • Multiple, concurrent sessions, offered in both the morning and afternoon;
    • Unique seminars each afternoon, featuring innovative ways to engage and reflect on the topics presented each day with selected presenters and fellow Forum participants;
    • Luncheons each day featuring recent photography and conversation with photographers and journalists from our partners at National Geographic Magazine;
    • Casual conversations, book signings, and other informal discussions on campus and off through the day; and
    • Evening exchanges and other events in venues around Aspen 

    We hope you will join us for the 2010 Aspen Environment Forum.