How to get over a breakup

Unlike in my past, the reason most people still feel bad after the breakup for an extended period of time is very simple. Do you know that the kind of activities people get involved and the kind of belief they develop immediately after a breakup are a determinant whether they’re going to recover fast or not? Unlike other principles in life, the breakup has its rules and when we don’t abide by them, we are bound to feel the pain.

In this article, I am going to tell you some of the reasons why breakup last long and how you can eliminate certain false beliefs and get over a breakup fast.

Why don’t people recover fast?

Many people do funny things right after a breakup in return to forget their partners. Some even go to the extent of playing all the old love music while others stay visualizing. These are some of the wrong approaches to get over someone you love. When you keep visualizing just on how life used to be, you never recover. For example, how can you be trying to forget someone at the same time, thinking of him? That would be insane!!

Others try to tackle this issue by doing wonderful things just to keep their selves busy like reading breakup poems, listening to romantic songs etc. and when asked, they’ll probably tell you that it was recommended by a certain author/blogger. I hate to see websites that say in order to get over someone fast, you have to keep yourself busy. This is not true! It won’t work.

Yes, it’s true that when you keep yourself busy, you tend to forget the person but immediately you gain consciousness all the memories are still there for you. And for how long can you do that? This is just some kind of system to accumulate the worries and it’s also one of the reasons why some people don’t get over fast.

Steps on how to get over a breakup fast

Don’t deny the existence of the breakup: Before you can successfully get over someone, you accept the fact that he or she is gone only then can you start recovering. The reason people easily get over the death of their loved ones and find it difficult to forget someone they loved is because they believed that he/she is dead and gone and so they recover. So, if you accept the occurrence by making sure the relationship is over, the sooner you start getting over it.

He or she was not the only one: Why some people never recover from breakups, I said that the main reason behind this is when people take their partners as the only one for them and this concept hinders them because they stay focused on getting the partner instead of trying to recover from it.

Get yourself another potential partner: If you loved someone in the past and it’s certainly clear now that the relationship can’t continue, I see no way out other than getting yourself another partner. There is nothing such as the one or soul mate, they are many others out there who can match our subconscious criteria and be a potential partner for us. After all, you were the one who attracted your victim and you can still attract others, so just forget and look elsewhere. Start socializing and interacting with others and before you know, you probably discover that they were many others who match your love criteria and can show you what true love really is.
Entertain yourself in the right form

After complying with the above, the next thing will be to entertain yourself in the right form and this is nothing more than considering what you watch, listen etc. Don’t watch anything being romantic or listen to sad music. In most of my coaching seasons, I always recommend watching comedy films and right before you go to bed.