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  • The goal of the Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program is to provide the leadership and a neutral forum for improving policy making through intentional dialogue in the areas of energy and environmental policy.

    For more than half a century, the Aspen Institute has been a prominent gathering place to engage in deep and lively discussion about the ideas and issues that shape our lives. Through seminars, roundtables, leadership initiatives, and forums like the Aspen Environment Forum, the Institute and its international partners seek to promote the pursuit of common ground and nonpartisan inquiry.

    The Aspen Institute’s Energy and Environment Program has achieved a highly regarded reputation for constructive dialogue on complex policy issues. The Institute’s neutrality and its intentional dialogue method provide an impartial venue for leaders to engage in informed discussion and inquiry on the important issues of our time. The Program’s unique process, based on rich preparation, an exceptional setting, and a diversity of views, creates an atmosphere highly conducive to openly exploring issues. By forging new thinking, the intentional value-based approach to dialogue provides the opportunity for resolving differences in perspectives, achieving positive outcomes and recommending constructive solutions.

    Every summer for over 30 years the Energy Policy Forum has brought together leaders from business, finance, government, academia and environmental and consumer groups to explore important energy policy questions that require cross-cutting interdisciplinary approaches. Recognizing that increased fuel consumption is leading to greater economic and strategic vulnerability across the world, the annual Global Forum on Energy, Economy and Security brings together a world-class array of experts to discuss issues at the intersection of energy, economics, environment, geopolitics and security.

    The Catto Fellowship Program gathers emerging leaders from business, government, journalism, and NGOs through an international environmental fellowship. This unique two-year program is intended to expand the role of environmental leadership by exposing emerging professionals to a broad array of energy and environmental issues and challenges as well as to each other.

    The Aspen Institute’s Energy and Environment Program has significant experience convening leaders to engage in civil discourse about environmental policy issues. These Aspen Environmental Policy Dialogues serve to inform and broadly influence the debate around environmental policy questions and related economic and social issues. These value-based intentional dialogues seek to directly influence and supplement the policy process and address the need for deeper understanding of certain challenging environmental issues.

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