• Throughout the Aspen Environment Forum, we will be posting video clips from sessions.

  • You can also follow the Aspen Environment Forum through the blogs of National Geographic. 

  • EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson opens the Aspen Environment Forum with a keynote address from the Sundeck atop Aspen Mountain.

    On a panel examining How much time we have to act on climate change, Susan Joy Hassol on the messaging challenges of climate change:

    Will people listen if we tell them scientists are scared?

    Jim Ball on why he's hopeful and motivated:

    Alcinda Antonio de Abreu, Minister for the Coordination of Environmental Affairs in Mozambique, discusses the impacts -- especially on women and girls -- of climate change.

    In a lively panel on the relationship between poverty alleviation and conservation, Nature Conservancy lead scientist M. Sanjayan outlines the true challenge facing conservationists:

    Sanjayan later sparred with Conservation International's Michael Totten over an extinction threat, and cut through to a bigger issue about conservation:

    An audience member asks the question which captured a lot of interest from others, "what will we do?"

    Princeton professor Robert Socolow argues that any legislative solution to climate change must be judged by its real measurable impact:

    In the same discussion, Washington Post reporter Juliet Eilperin sees a more activist EPA in the Obama Administration than ever before:

    In a wide-ranging conversation, newly-confirmed NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco discussed her vision for a climate service to forecast changes in climate the way the weather service now provides weather forecasts.

    Later, Lubchenco discussed the relationship between climate change and the increasing frequency of extreme precipitation events "in a climate changed world."

    Futurist author James Howard Kunstler discussed his new book -- and whatever else occurred to him -- in a wide-ranging conversation with Elvis Mitchell. This session is only available as an audio podcast.